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Some Of Our General FAQ’s

Why Must I Move to Mobile Marketing?
80% of all searches for Places, Products and Services are done on mobile phones. Will users see your business? View the SoLoMo video for better clarity on what is happening in the market place:
Do you think I waste my money on print, radio, billboards and flyers?
Our response on this question:

  1. ” How many of your current clientele is making use of any of those platforms?”
  2. ” Why do you believe you will get new clients from platforms you current clientele is not using”

The answer is easy! Spend your money on the platform where your current clientele is spending their time on. This way they will be able to share and communicate your details (Specials and Events) with friends. We have take some time to put together some research available on the above question: (Please note, that all Instagram and Twitter postings are done by advertisers themselves. The 4IGM team NOW only focus on the 2VisitUs App postings and Facebook Postings)

Why is 2VisitUs push notification better than my current sms system?
The No.1 Reason! Push notifications are FREE. The second No.1 Reason! Your clientele can share your event or specials to thousand of social media friends,which they can’t do with sms’ With sms system, your already sceptic clientele must provide you with their mobile numbers to receive your information. With the push notification option, your marketing list grows on its own, as new clients just mark you as a favourite on the 2VisitUs App, and they will start getting your push notifications of specials and events. The third No.1 Reason! All mobile users that have received your specials or events from friends, or find it on the 2VisitUs App through searches, can with a push of a button, navigate to your front door. No more writing down of street addresses, or putting details into Navigation products.
Why choose the 2VisitUs mobile directory?
Most service or product specific Apps, does not offer a user more than one product or service to look at. This means that users must have multiple Apps to find different products or services on their phones, taking up a lot of memory. The 2VisitUs App offers mobile users 5 products. This mean that Users only need to download ONE App, and they don’t have to open close apps all the time to search for information which drains battery life. The 2VisitUs App is also the only App providing users basic points of interests (POI), for instance – Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Parks, Town Info Centers and a lot more. This allow more face-time for advertisers, when users may not use the app to find a specific business, but use the App for POI information. a Short video intro into the 2VisitUs App:
How many Downloads / Users are on the App
We are only introducing the App with full force in South Africa and other Countries from Jan 2016. On the version 2 Beta App, we just have over 7000 Android and Apple users already making use of the info available. Due to the Fact that businesses will be using the App as a Word of Mouth tool to get new paying clients, I always answer the Question as follows to new advertisers: ” There is currently not one client on the App looking for your business. Yes, there may be some users that will search for general info( 5%), but MOST users (85%) will search for a specific business that was referred to them. If you want to advertise in the dark and hope for the best, then we suggest the R99 per month directory listing.This will still make you 80% more visible than any other directory listing. That means your shot in the dark is 80% more successful and up to 90% cheaper to try than any other directory. You also get 200 Facebook adverts per month with the listing. If you want to get new clients, because you deliver great service, and you want people to talk about you, you at least have to consider the R199 per month option, to communicate to your clientele directly, at least once per week. Take a minute and view this video about what the 2VisitUs App can do for your business:
How will my clientele know about the 2VisitUs App.
2VisitUs is the only Directory Company, Mobile, Printed, web base or other, that is not only advertising our directory, but YOUR business details in your area of business. This can be local, national or Internationally. 2VisitUs also have printed media that you can use on your doors, or tables to inform clientele about your listing. THEN the best of all. The 2VisitUs App have a built-in Good service advertising button (No bad service buttons!!!!) This will allow your clientele not only to tell the world about you, but also receive any specials or events detail you want to keep them up to date with. Have a look at the 2VisitUs video showing you a step by step guide on how this is being done:
I'm already on other Mobile directories why should I move to 2VisitUs
The 2 VisitUs App is the only Directory that also advertise your business to over 200 Facebook groups per month for direct visibility, and not only the 2VisitUs App directory. The 2VisitUs App is the only Directory that offer users over 7000 points of interest. This allow them to use the App for more than just looking for information, and therefore spend more time on the App, which result in more face-time for advertisers. Single Application App’s are only used for that one purpose. This may result in deleting of an app if users don’t have a use for it any longer. With the 2VisitUs App, we offer the business directory, Event Info, Specials, Points of Interest and Direct clientele communication, for the best overall experience.  Due to this, users spent more time on the 2VisitUs App than any other App.
I don't like to be caught up in a 12 month contract if it does not work for my business?
We believe the only business the 2VisitUs App marketing will not work for, are those giving a bad customer service, for the rest it will always work, because users always share good experiences with friends. But, because we don’t want people to be unhappy if they believe something is not working for them, We allow a 30 day notice period after 90 days. The 2VisitUs listing and marketing options are monthly deducted by Debit order.