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  • Did you know that no company can survive without marketing? If you do not market your business there will be no business. We offer different options for different budgets. Let us take the hard work out of marketing and make sure your business gets noticed all over sunny South Africa.

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  • If spending anything from R 100 - R 193 p/m ( T&C's Apply) is to musch to advertise your business to 1000's of people, don't waste your time watching this video. But if your looking for paying clients, and willing to spend from R 100 to a max of R 193 p/m (T&C's Apply), then this video is for you.

    Just a quick overview of the 2Visitus App and what it offers for advertisers and Users.

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  • Have a look at some of the Ice Bucket fun at Tuks over the weekend, which was held as a fundraiser for Dyllan Beneckhe, an o/16 Tuks player who had a serious spinal rugby injury some weeks ago, and already doing much better due to all the daily prayers. Good luck Dyllan, and we hope that you enjoy looking at all this crazy people, as they crazy about you. If there is still people that want to donate, or that did the water challenge and did not have the cash on the day, here is the account number, every sent counts. Standard Bank Savings Account Account Name: Dyllan Beneckhe Acc. No. 415050030 Branch no. 012445 Ref: Get well soon Thanks for the Tuks Management team that made all this possible.

    Tuks Bestuurspan vat dit soos manne. Tuks o/12 Span Wys hulle is die manne Na 'n dag van...

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  • Tuks Bestuurspan vat dit soos manne.   Tuks o/12 Span Wys hulle is die manne   Na 'n dag van...

    Posted By Aldo Cilliers

  • Interactive Mobile Marketing from as little as R 100 p/m - including Social media marketing. It does not help your business is on any APP and the world does not know about it, no wonder they offer you FREE uploads to their Apps. We have put together 4 packages that will suit any business.

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  • 99 Red Balloons,no wait, 99 Likes to reach 3000. Thanks a million to all our advertisers and friends. Remember to like your favourite business on the 2VisitUs App to get their specials the moment they upload them. If your Business is not on the 2VisitUs App already, visit our site today: Apple Download: Android Download:

    2VisitUs Mobile Marketing

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  • We are looking for agents in Pretoria. You need an Apple or Android Smartphone. Own transport or have to get to Wapadrand from Monday to Friday. We provide trainning. The work is selling advertising space on smartphones. Send CV to

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